Michele Bruce, Fidalgo School Library

Stacey Campbell’s author presentation at Fidalgo Elementary School was exemplary! Not only did she totally engage and receive high praise from the students at each grade level, but also from staff and parents. We have had numerous visiting authors over the years, but I think Stacey stands out as being one of the most appreciated, as far as the content and “realness” of her presentation. She really knows how to relate to students in a way that is both fun and informative.

We are looking forward to having her back soon!

Gabrielle Glim, 6th Grade Teacher
Several deaf students attended Ms. Campbell’s presentation at the upper elementary level. They came away with all kinds of ideas for writing. They grabbed paper & pencils and started writing upon returning to the classroom. When recess came they asked to take their work outside to continue to write. From this, I think that Ms. Campbell was successful in her goal to encourage students to write.

Hope Star, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program Teacher
I felt Stacey Campbell shared valuable information about perseverance in writing even though she had dyslexia. She gave students a sense of how writers draw from all of the experiences of their lives, and the characters around them. Her comments about real life being “research” for novels were insightful. Students came away feeling energized and inspired.

I especially appreciate that Ms. Campbell has allowed one of my students to e-mail her, and has even read a few chapters of the student’s current story, providing some feedback on them. The student is thrilled. Not all authors would make time to do that.

Heather Shainin, 5/6 Grade Gifted Program Teacher
I enjoyed Stacey’s presentation especially her candid ness about her experience in school. I am sure there were students who could relate and were encouraged to know that they should not give up on their ambitions in life.

Jeanette McChesney, Middle and High School Life Skills Teacher
I loved her presentation.  I found it inspiring and I liked the way she gave specific ways to become a writer; research, writing daily, reading, etc.  Her enthusiasm was great.  I wish the presentation could have been longer because I think the students’ attention was still on her and they wanted more.

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